About Us

Company Overview

Lockard & White is a professional engineering firm providing the highest quality telecommunications system services in all phases of telecommunications, including planning, design, engineering, implementation, project management, training, licensing and system management. Lockard & White provides innovative telecommunications solutions by leveraging the collective experience and intellectual resources of the world's best engineers, planners, and project managers.

Since its inception in 1984 by founder Marc Lockard, L&W has provided services to hundreds of clients in the oil & gas, electric utility, and transportation sectors, as well as the wireless and wireline carrier markets, and public safety clients. In addition, our telecommunications site management division provides comprehensive services management of premier rooftop sites around the United States. Our experience includes domestic and international clients who have assigned us to projects in Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Russia. Our staff has engineered and managed projects ranging from the smallest mobile radio network to countrywide telecommunication networks. Our clients include small companies, banks, schools, airport authorities, City and County governmental agencies, multi-billion dollar oil and gas exploration companies, pipeline companies and electric utility companies.

Lockard & White’s areas of expertise include Wide Area Networks (WAN) systems involving IP, ATM, SONET, Frame Relay, microwave, mobile radio, mobile data, fiber optic, and telephone networks. Our experienced, professional engineers have a broad base of knowledge covering mobile radio, transmission networks (fiber, microwave, & cable), telephone, local and wide area networks, SCADA networks, PCS Migration, regulatory compliance and FCC license management.

At Lockard & White today, you will find the professional commitment of the Lockard family and a dedicated group of telecommunications professionals that look at each project as an opportunity to set new goals, find new solutions, and reach new levels of customer satisfaction. Our reputation is built on service and dedication to providing our clients with professional objectivity, skill, and independence. Solving complex engineering and operational problems with cost-effective techniques is a trademark of the Lockard & White Team.

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Our Mission

To be the OBVIOUS FIRST CHOICE for telecommunication solutions!

To create a CULTURE for our team members that is fun, rewarding and secure!

To earn a PROFIT in the process!

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Core Values

At Lockard & White, our values include efficiency, accountability, and results within our company and passion, creativity and honor in ourselves. We believe in setting the industry standard for performance and integrity on every project, regardless of size. In doing so, we constantly strive to positively influence and honor our customers, our employees, our families, and our community.

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Our People

L&W is a family-orientated company that tries to create a family atmosphere among its employees. Our team has over 800 years of combined telecommunications system engineering, installation and operational experience. Our team members come from various backgrounds including universities, junior colleges, military service, and on-the-job experience, but they all have one thing in common: the right attitude. At L&W, we believe in hiring for attitude and training for aptitude. It is not enough for engineers and technicians to have only the basic skills; it is paramount for an L&W team member to have a positive attitude and proactive spirit. Our most important asset is our people, and this is reflected in the way we interact with our colleagues, customers, and one another.

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Management Team

Sue Ann Lockard - Chairman

Lauren Lockard Alfonso - President & CEO

Melissa Lockard Daigneault - VP Business Operations & General Counsel

Joey Rychetsky - Chief Operating Officer

Wayne Johnson - VP & GM Engineering

Randy Neck - VP Sales & Marketing