Electric Utilities

Electric Utilities - Sunset Power Lines

One of L&W’s largest core markets, the Electric Utility industry has been a major focus for the company since its inception. L&W has a sound reputation in the industry, is well recognized due to a nationwide presence and has longstanding affiliations with major trade organizations such as UTC and ENTELEC.

With a varied Client base, L&W has gained experience working with Utilities of all sizes, ranging from small electric cooperatives to very large investor-owned entities. Technology has changed over the years in the energy sector, but one constant remains: the need for reliable communication networks.

Whether focusing on a new LMR system, or redesigning a backhaul solution, L&W takes a tailored approach with each client, providing a host of services, including:

The Electric Utility industry is seeing a great deal of change and increased potential with the progression of technology. L&W has worked with a large number of clients to integrate these emerging capabilities.

L&W has the experience and capability to help its clients plan, design and implement the appropriate solution for short- and long-term needs in the constantly changing Electric Utility environment.