Transportation - Rail Train

L&W has supported the railroad industry since 1992 through several initiatives, including wireless yard automation and the on-going PTC-220 plan.

With a client base ranging from short-line railroads to major Class 1 entities, the project workload has varied across the industry to include connectivity solutions, spectrum planning, project management and more.

With the move towards positive train control and Strategic Railroading, a push for the development of a nationwide, interoperable wireless communication system has created several areas where L&W has been supporting the industry. Common services include:

L&W has extensive experience working with leading edge wireless technologies, planning for and designing backhaul and private mobile radio networks, and facilitating spectrum allocation and acquisition - areas that are critical but not core to the railroads.

L&W has been engaged to support initiatives within railroad organizations focusing on future network planning, allowing the internal railroad committee, which L&W reports to, to shape the direction and process without the requirement to divert resources away from their critical efforts within the company.

L&W understands the dynamic nature of the transportation industry, and is positioned to support clients that are looking for a knowledgeable communications firm educated on the current and future outlook of the market, and experienced in developing and bringing those plans to fruition.